These are the terms that a user agrees to and uses so that the user is aware of dos and don'ts.

➤ We,, are a platform that offers services for brands like FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Our platform helps clients view rates, request parcel pickups, and handover to the selected brand by the sender. Therefore, we hold the liability for providing customer service and handling claims before the parcel is handed over to the respective brands.

Afterward, the consignee needs to contact the brand directly for any issues after the handover or manifest of the third party taking the parcel assigned by these brands.

➤ The sender will pay return charges if the courier returns due to any reason.

➤ The sender will pay remote area charges applicable if forwarding through any brand, no matter what was previously done at the same address. Extended area charges are applicable.

➤ The sender will pay redirection charges if there is a change of address, wrong address, or the parcel needs to be reshipped due to any reason.

➤ The sender should not make deductions for delayed delivery because our key performance indicator is to connect parcels to a selected brand network.

➤ The sender should agree to accept compensation value and amount by the carrier (e.g., UPS, DHL, FedEx, and others) in case of shipment loss.

➤ The sender should agree to pay customs duties, handling charges, finance fee, entry fee, and other taxes (such as service tax, which is charged extra on duty amount if paid in India). If the consignee refuses to pay, these charges will be debited to the consignor's account.

➤ The liability of the contents lies with the sender. The sender should:

Declare the contents accurately.

Declare their value correctly.

Properly pack the contents to avoid damages.

Consider external insurance. Debit/deduction should not be made for damages caused during transit.

➤ The sender should agree to a penalty ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 25000 per shipment in case the item sent is found to be illegal material, non-declared material, or prohibited articles.

➤ No corrections will be accepted after the papers are submitted.

➤ To avail of the credit facility, the sender needs to have an account based on their business volume.

➤ As per norms, the sender has to pay chargeable weight, which is the higher value between volumetric weight or actual weight. Volume weight (in kgs) is calculated as [length x width x height (in cms) divided by 5000].

➤ The sender would pay address change charges of 1999 Rs + GST if the correct address is provided.

➤ The sender will pay pickup charges of minimum Rs. 500 and Rs. 15 per KM. If there are multiple pickup locations, pickup cancellation, or revisits due to any reason, additional charges will apply.

If the sender/consignor wants to cancel after the pickup is done, 25% of the total bill value for courier will be charged. This includes management fee, customer support, cancellation charges, pickup charges, and return charges. Warehouse charges will not be applied for the first 10 days if cancellation is done within 10 days of invoice generation. Afterward, warehouse charges will be 1000/- per week if the client wishes to use our warehouse. If the client chooses not to use our warehouse, they will not hold any legal rights to claim the parcel/documents/goods.

➤ All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.

➤ The sender will pay commercial clearance charges, which are an additional Rs 3200 if sending a commercial shipment.

➤ Dynamic fuel surcharge and service tax are applicable on the provided rates. The sender should regularly check the fuel surcharge.

➤ Rates are subject to change at any time due to the revision in rates from forwarding airlines or the principal brand. Senders can contact us or check our online rates for updates before booking any shipment with (Company Name: Invented Ideas Pvt Ltd).

➤ The maximum weight per package is 29 kgs, or a length of more than 160 special handling charges will apply.

➤ Sender should pay warehouse charges if a shipment is on hold for more than two days in Invented Ideas Pvt Ltd office. The charge is 10 per kg per day or 100 rs per day (whichever is higher).

➤ The sender has to mention "made of" with every article or contain mention on the invoice.

➤ If sending a wooden article, it is mandatory to provide a fumigation certificate.

➤ Sender should take care of all the packing requirements in plywood, including two handles, hinges to open the box, hasp, locks, and pallets.

➤ If the packing requirements are not fulfilled due to any reason and the sender collects the parcel in person from our office, non-booking charges will apply. On availability, we can also arrange to drop the hold packet back to the pickup location for an additional charge.

➤ If we find improper packing, we will repack the contents (additional packing charges will apply).

➤ Packing should be in a plain box with a recommended density of 7 ply or 9 ply.

➤ In case of improper invoicing or invoice not available, we have the authority to change the invoice and make it as per the requirement on behalf of the client.

➤ We recommend the sender to check the waybill details at the time of pickup, including spellings of the consignor and consignee, complete address, zip code, and contact number details.

➤ For same-day connections, we need the courier with us before 4 pm (in case of FedEx) or 7 pm (for DHL, UPS, Aramex, and self) at our office (Sundays off).

➤ For clients with accounts, we will generate a bill every Monday and send it to your postal address or email.

➤ In case the bill is not fully paid before the due date or if a cheque bounces, late fee charges of Rs. 500 and 5% extra as credit control charges will be applied to the total amount.

➤ If the invoice is over 3 months old and we haven't received warehouse charges, after 3 payment reminders, we are authorized to abandon, destroy, or forfeit the shipment. Any claims after abandonment, destruction, or forfeiture will not be entertained.